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CodeDay mentor

Had a blast helping students dive into web dev, Scratch, and even exploring the awesome GPT prompt.

Mega Placement Drive

It was great to contribute as a dedicated volunteer during the preparation, with District Bureau of Employment & Enterprises, Amritsar and GNDU.

G20 University Connect

Gained insights into international economic cooperation and decision-making. It was an incredible experience to meet like-minded individuals

CoDrink Relay

TecSetCo's second offline tech event, in a collab with CESS-GNDU: phenomenal!

Engineer's Creed

TecSetCo's first offline tech event, in a collab with CESS-GNDU: perfectly outstanding!

Web3 by TecSetCo

Amazing workshop on Web3. Got to learn a super lot about blockchains and the world of web.

Road to placements

Got a chance to attend Arsh Goyal 's seminar in my university. It was a greatly informative session about placements


Hosted and assisted in Bootcamp on Web Development with over 2.7k views on YouTube .

Azure DevDay

First offline event of TecSetCo, with 250+ attendees with help of Azure Developer Community and Reskilll in GNDU.


Event Manager and Content Team Lead in an online hackathon inviting 350+ teams from 10+ countries